List Of All Randhir Kapoor Movies (Worst To Best) 2019

Randhir Kapoor is a very well known name in Bollywood. He has done hundreds of movies in Bollywood for the past couple of years. He has been awarded many prestigious awards for his performance in his movies. Today in this article, we will try to give you a brief discussion on Randhir Kapoor movies. We will try to figure out his best movies and his worst movies. We will also mention his personal life news like how he married his wife and many Randhir Kapoor news is coming.

List Of All Randhir Kapoor Movies (Worst To Best) 2019

Randhir Kapoor Movies (Best Movies List)

  • Super Nani (2014)…Mr Bhatia
  • Desi Magic (2014)…. Ashok Sexena, Sonia’s Dad
  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013)…. Siddharth, Ram’s Dad
  • Housefull 2 (2012)….Dabboo
  • Action Replayy (2010) …. Professor Anthony Gonsalves
  • Housefull (2010) …..Kishore Samtani
  • Armaan (2003) … Gulshan Kapoor
  • Mother (1999) … Kumar Sinha
  • Khazana (1987) … Romela
  • Humse Na Jeeta Koi (1983) … Kishan Singh
  • Jaane Jaan (1983)
  • Pukar (1983) … Shekhar
  • Sawaal (1982) … Vikram “Vicky” D. Mehta
  • Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai (1981) … Ramesh Nanda (Guest Appearance)
  • Harjaee (1981) … Ajay Nath
  • Biwi-O-Biwi: The Fun-Film (1981) … Chander Mohan
  • Dhongee (1979) … Anand/Mr. Chimpaklal
  • Aakhri Daku (1978)
  • Bhakti Mein Shakti (1978)
  • Chor Ke Ghar Chor (1978)
  • Heeralal Pannalal (1978) … Pannalal
  • Kasme Vaade (1978) … Ravi Verma
  • Mama Bhanja (1977)
  • Chacha Bhatija (1977) … Sunder
  • Panchod Mera Naam (1976) … Haraamzaade
  • Bhanwar (1976) … Anup/Balbir Singh
  • Aaj Ka Mahaatma (1976) … Randhir/Ranvir Varma
  • Haath Ki Safai (1974)
  • Hamrahi (1974)
  • Rickshawala (1973)
  • Jawani Diwani (1972) … Vijay Anand
  • Jeet (1972) … Ratan/Ratanu
  • Raampur Ka Lakshman (1972) … Lakshman
  • Kal Aaj Aur Kal (1971) … Rajesh R. Kapoor
  • Do Ustad (1959)… Young Jaggannath (as Master Daboo)

Randhir Kapoor Movies (Worst Movies List)

No doubts Randhir Kapoor is a great actor but he has done some bad movies too. These were so bad that his fans have stared dislinking him and start criticizing him on his role and movies. Here is the list of Randhir Kapoor worst movie of all time.

  • Bhala Manus (1976)
  • Ginny Aur Johnny (1976)
  • Khalifa (1976)
  • Dharam Karam (1975) … Dharam
  • Dafaa 302: Indian Penal Code Section 302 (1975)
  • Lafange (1975) … Gopal/Sadhu
  • Ponga Pandit (1975) … Bhagwati Prasad Pande/Prem
  • Dil Diwana(1974)

Randhir Kapoor Personal Life

Randhir Kapoor is a son of Great Pioneer of Bollywood Prithviraj Kapoor. He married an actress named Babita daughter of actor Hari Shivdasani (who is also a great an actress of Bollywood) on November 6, 1971, at the age of just 24. He has two daughters with his wife Babita, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

Randhir Kapoor Career

Randhir Kapoor has started his acting debut as a child artist in a movie called Shree 420 which was released in 1955. And he keeps doing his work in acting in many movies. In 1974, he was set to return to acting after a gap of 10 years with the 1997 film Ladie only. This film was produced by Kamal hassan.  This movie didn’t play well on cinema screen.


The End

These were the list of Randhir Kapoor movie (his best and worst movie of all time). This is our opinion on him. Your opinion could be different so if you think that our list is wrong and its need some modification, let us know in the comment section below, we will try to look at your comment and if our team find it useful and meaningful. We will implement it as soon as possible

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